Guest Book for Cecile Gertrude (Doolitte) Crain

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Posted by: Keith
Fri August 31, 2018
I am sorry to hear of your loss. In your spare time please read and meditate on these scriptures found at Job 14:14,15, John 5:28,29, and Revelation 21:4. Hopefully these scriptures will provide some comfort for the family and friends. Also, for some comforting articles please visit

Posted by: Debbie Terwilliger
Thu September 06, 2018
From me to you and the family, please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of a dear loved one. I know how it is to lose a loved one in death I have lost some. What I find comforting is what Jesus asks us to pray for.(Matthew 6:9,10) God's Kingdom will bring the dead back to life here on Earth to live forever not back to life in heaven. (Matthew 6:9,10; Acts 24:15; Psalms 37:11,29; Psalms 115:16) There's more of what God's Kingdom will do like old will be young again, no will cause any harm, All Wars will be gone forever, death and tears will be gone forever. (Job 33:24,25; Isaiah 11:9; Isaiah 2:4; Psalms 46:8-10; Isaiah 25:8; Revelation 21:3-5) There's much much more comfort you and the family can get if you email me at

Posted by: Kathy
Thu September 06, 2018
So very sorry to hear about your loss.  My condolence to you and your family. It will be so wonderful when death is no more. Rev.21:3,4. And see  them again on Earth in the future. Acts 24:15; Psalms 37: 11, 29 . What a comfort to know that God does not cause death at this time.   Ecclasiastes 9:11. And in God's  kingdom,  Matthew 6:10 . Jesus will bring the dead back to life again  on Earth and make a paradise here , in the future.  Revelation 21:3,4 ; Isaiah 26:19; Psalms 37:11,29.  I am   praying  for strength beyond  normal for you,  and comfort for you and your family. Please look up all scriptures and you will see all is true. For more comfort and all free. Here is a  link to help :